My art practice pays great attention to nature. Throughout the last decade I have played with this theme, the outcome of works have been quite diverse. I mainly produce sculptures but I also work with other materials such as photography, light based work and drawings. In conjunction to the central theme of nature there are a number of sub-themes and interests. Every one of my works tends to use a variety of qualities that together formulate the work as a whole; I put phenomenological qualities in relation to conceptual ideas. This can be the subtle vibration of a lightning bolt in relation to a monument or distorting the scale of a fly in association with the tropes of a natural history museum and so on. Lately I have had the great pleasure to work with various natural history museums and scientific institutions; this is a theoretic place that significantly challenges my world of ideas at the moment. The knowledge and hands-on methodology used by these institutions to understand the world open many doors to the realm of my ideas.



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